Thursday, May 01, 2008

May Day

Whenever May 1 rolls around, I always start dreaming about going camping. There's a special spot our family goes up in the Oregon Cascades, but for this year, hubby and I are starting a new tradition. We're going camping in Central WA.

I'm not sure about this actually. No rocks, not many trees, and on the Gorge? Can I really do this?

Plus, I've roughed it camping (well, not carrying my stuff on my back on a backpacking camping trip), but my idea of camping includes no running water, electricity, showers, or flushing toilets in the Oregon Cascades. And we love it.

This camp on the Gorge has everything, bathrooms with showers and sinks, electricity, a marina for the boats, and the rumor is that we're sleeping in our car (an SUV with room for an air mattress).

I'm hoping I don't get there and freak out.

But it's good to try new things. And since it's May, I'm so ready.

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Sue said...

I love that picture.