Friday, January 25, 2008

Done, done, done

I finished the revision. I want to revise again. This is the madness and why I'm hiring an editor. I can't get caught in this revision vortex again.

I ran a spellcheck, and then made it pretty and now it's printed and bundled and an UPS tag is sitting on it ready to go today. Whew. I was so happy to finish the first pass--for about five seconds--and then I started doodling.

Slap my hand!

So on to the next thing on my todo list, which is prepare for my February essay class, deal with this week's MFA schtuff, and get back to writing my new web site copy. Plus, it's gonna be a blog explosion around here as we move to a domain! Excitement. Or I blow up my domain host. Whichever comes first, I guess.

And it's time for a Friday Fiver! Everybody scream now.

1. Working on a monograph and trying to push IMAP email and HTTP email into POP for the day job. I need hubby! Might have to wait until he gets home.

2. Finishing two freelance projects, one completely done and another beginning.

3. Run to Nordstrom Rack for sis to find that "bag."

4. Get all that done, so I can read! I am going mad by only getting one page of Allegra Goodman each night. Plus, the new Seth Godin book is really good.

5. I think February is going to be wild, just hearing about the workload from the day job, and the writing I want to accomplish.

Extra item: LOST season 4 starts next week. If you haven't seen the sneak peeks (which are really good), go here.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

So I Thought It Was Friday

And freaked out, because I'm still revising. I'm on the final, final pages and gonna make it. Why is it that everything conspires against you just as you're "finishing" some project? It happened to me yesterday.

But moving on.

There is so much turmoil in publishing at the start of this year. Every issue I get of Publishers Weekly has some more big news to report (Tom Wolfe moved publishers, etc.). 2008 is going to be quite a year and I can't wait.

Most of what I revise just needs work, but yesterday I ran across some solid little gems (my own writing!) and I was pleased. I'm ruthless if it doesn't fit the story, but these fit and I thought they were comical, so they stayed in. I've cut about 7% of my first draft and Stephen King says 10% should be cut from a first draft, but more may come out after the editor takes a gander. We'll see.

Woke up to see hubby walking around listening to his iPod (Wall Street Journal) again, which is a welcome sight. After five months of working too hard to get the team in place, he finally gets to kick back and rest and work on special projects. I'm really happy for him and love hearing stories of how upper management clap their hands with glee when they hear he's handling special projects. It's nice to have so many people trust hubby, even when he bombarded with negative vibes from other, not so intelligent coworkers. Rock on, babe! I bought him an audiobook to listen to along with the new Greenspan audiobook.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's All About Perspective

I hope today is the end of this revise. My brain can do nothing else but think about it. This blog has suffered, my communication skills have tanked, and I still am not quite done. Why is it that when you're to send your work to a pro you suddenly see everything that is horribly wrong? Yep, that's me.

I slept yesterday and then read (psychology and lit books for a Teaching Company class I'm taking) and today I feel much better. But my anxiety rears almost every hour! I have this little trick--Rescue Remedy potion and a Metallica DVD (it's Ben H's fault! but really, I owe Ben, I can't edit without it now!)--which delights Todd!

Today is it. It must be the end. I have too many things to think about and too much to do. 85 pages to go!

Wish me luck!

In other news: Drew Carey reruns are the best! We have them TiVo'd every night and love this show so much! It's a different tv world for sure. It's the type of show that makes you relax. And of course, I love Drew Carey!

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Revision Gains

I'm really not here. I just got up to check email and record a sick day with my boss. I feel out of it. Yes, January flu season is upon us. Blech.

But really quick, I worked so hard all weekend on my revisions and am so close to the finish line! I'll probably finish them later today after a good long nap. However, I am in bed all day long.

So not much to report today, but I'll be feeling back to it tomorrow.

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