Friday, January 11, 2008


Finally Friday. I worked fourteen hours yesterday, with a short break spent on the phone with my hosting service moving domains around.

I got a lot done.

But today is better. Style guide work, a monograph, and then some coding and cleaning for some freelance projects. My goal is to clear the deck this weekend to finish revisions on the novel so I can send it off next week.

I am finishing things on the to-do list quite nicely this week. Next week will have an even bigger one, but that's life.

Off to my 9:30 writing class!

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Yo, It's Still Raining

And snowing about 20 minutes away like crazy. (We're at 1,000 feet.)

My alarm clock is going off upstairs, but I woke up this morning with hubby, realized he had to sign a bunch of paperwork before he left, remembered to send some files to a client, and then got sucked into answering email from London. My first meeting is in 20 minutes.

I love how the brain works. It can hold such vast amounts of information that it's astounding. I have a notepad that I am writing down little tidbits of information on pertaining to the handover of oversight duties at my job. I handed them over last week to my boss and now we are trying to use Dumbledore's Pensieve to draw out every last shred of anything that got filed away and never got written down or verbalized. It's what happens when one (me) is not only a working copyeditor, but also trying to reign in the mutating style.

But once everything is drawn out into the Pensieve, my brain will be so much the clearer. I can't wait! :)

Tons of writing stuff last night. My left leg is so sore from bowling on that Wii that I could only watch Todd attempt to dismantle my score, but I did quick revise work so the pain was worth it (leg pain or score pain?).

Today is more day job stuff (a ton more) and then I can get back to the revising this afternoon.

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008


So the esteemed Jamie Ford (book is finally done, yes?) noted on yesterday's post that the Wii can make one sore.

Um, yes.

I am using muscles I didn't even know I owned. It does not raise my heart rate, however, blasted BMJ was right, thus any Wii play does not count in my daily physical fitness log. Bummer.

I make my hubby laugh when I bowl. My contortions and facial expressions humor him. I did however, bowl five strikes in a row to boost my score to PRO yesterday. That did not humor him. (I'm catching up to his score.)

Yes, I'm a writer. I procrastinate.

Okay, so back to today. Still running my novel manuscript through the quick micro-revision processes. I am tempted to hurry through and just send it and then I panic and worry that my manuscript will be so bad, the freelance editor will return it unopened. But as my esteemed writing buddy, Jen, wrote me in an email yesterday, "better that XXXX should tell you what sucks than that you send your manuscript off to agents who won't tell you -- they'll just pass."

So, I'm off to work again today. My brain is full of day job stuff, so I must deal with it first, but later, the writing work is ON!

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

And Tuesday

I'm here early. My 8 am meeting was cancelled. I'm uploading a bunch of documents to the company intranet too, so if I don't make sense today, I apologize.

We are go for launch. My editor is ready for my manuscript. I am almost done tweaking it. A quick micro-revision so that the editor can give me a good sturdy macro-edit so that I can go back and do more micro-edits. Wheeee. This is fun.

Ran to pick up my jeans (hemmed by the incredible Nordstrom tailoring department) last night and the mall was deserted. LOVED it. Great parking, walkways and stairways empty, store clerks looking desperate with two hours still to go before closing and sale signs beckoning from every window. I ignored all of it. Well, I started to go into the Apple store to oogle the iPhone, but since I have now made a pact (in public) that I won't buy the iPhone until they are 3G compatible and that won't happen until later this year, my conscience stopped me short. So no oogling, which only tempts me to whip out my debit card. My darn Blackberry phone still works (even though I drop it as much as possible, ya know, to hurry the process of dying.)

Plus, my budget for gadgets is nil after having to replace the tv. And spending several grand on a freelance editor this spring negates any needs for more gadgets. I'd rather have an editor. Hubby just pointed out that dropping the old phone is ungrateful. So true. I love my piece of crap phone. I DO. Hi, honey!

Anyway, Nordstrom was so quiet Todd could hear the music playing! A wonder. But we scooted out of there before I got sidetracked by a sale and now I have my 2008 jeans all ready to wear. I have to say I'm digging the skinny jeans with my ballet flats right now.

I am almost done with the revision book reading. Should be done today. My MFA work starts up again today as well. And the Wii bowling continues.

So much to do! Gotta dash.

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Monday, January 07, 2008

Reading the Weekend Away (plus a Wii)

Okay, so we got one of those Wiis. I've been wanting one for a while (for the bowling) and then we couldn't find one anywhere because of Christmas, so I looked on Amazon, but then didn't buy it, and then yesterday hubby comes back home with one that he found at the old Wal-mart. Last one on the shelf! The sports Wii! With bowling.

So, I will say on this blog: I'm really good at Wii bowling. Don't ask our friends how good I am at REAL bowling though, because I don't think the real thing counts anymore, right? LOL

It is super fun and really easy. Kids love it, so I must be a kid at heart, because I love it more. We bowled until late last night.

We did have to replace our television too this weekend. I bought the plain jane 32-inch CRT at Best Buy and got ribbed by every single Best Buy sales clerk on the way out. Okay, enough already. I don't want to buy a frickin' plasma!

"But do you realize that in a year, this tv will be obsolete?"

"You don't say."

What happened to America? Since when does one have to buy all the bells and whistles too?


I can see the presidential debates in New Hampshire just fine on this dinosaur of a television (and it was two thousand dollars less than a plasma! so there!).

In writing news, (surprise, I did some of that before the new tv and the Wii arrived) I studied craft and made it through two more books this weekend. I also watched the Seahawks win. All in all, a very "reading spa" weekend. (no snow, our buddy got tix to the hawks game instead)

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