Wednesday, April 30, 2008

How To Get Invites To Be An Insider

I have no idea, but out of the blue, Banana Republic is inviting people who have the Luxe card and probably spend a certain amount to join a group of "BR Insiders." Well, I'm delighted to help.

Next up, I want to be a J. Crew insider. I think I spend more at J. Crew, between the outlet, the sales, and the J. Crew rewards program. But enough of that. My balances at both stores are at zero, because in a fit of frugality, I decided not to spend my J. Crew 100-dollar reward certificate until after Londy. I am amazed at my self-control today.

My hairs are cut and today the pants will be hemmed and the suit dry cleaned. The suitcases are ready and I even got a handy space saver set for my suitcase. These gizmos are similar to that television infomercial, only you don't need the expensive air vacuum. You just roll and squeeze the air out of these bags. We'll see how well they work. I've gone from a checked large hard case down to a 17-inch carryon as we navigate through Heathrow's Terminal 5. Hey, if my buddy, L, can do this, I can do this, right?

The question this week is how to reduce my beauty products into 3-oz bottles that all fit in a quart ziploc bag. How do other gorgeous women do this? :)

In the news today, the whole attempt by Lifetime television to rebrand just doesn't sit well with me either.

And one link about Miley Cyrus. And I am not even going to post one thing about James Frey. He has had enough air time on this blog.

And off to the writing. One more writing group meeting before I leave and I intend to have something prepared. So, the essay work and novel work continue!

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