Monday, March 03, 2008

Monday Again

Had a great and very productive weekend, but it's back to work today.

In book talk, a great book review from the New York Review of Books on Wikipedia that looks interesting. I'm reading ravenously about upcoming books, probably because I'm trying a book "no-buy" period until June or so. We're out of bookshelf space to the max, plus I've got plenty to read already, so I'm just making lists and checking out from the library these days.

Worked on the new novel idea this weekend quite a bit. Feeling good about that work. Slowly thinking my way through plot issues. I also worked on my web site upgrade. I have to decide how many web sites I really want to build. There may be a way to lower the necessary number, which works for me.

No word on novel or essays, but I'm keeping plenty busy with marketing and my color-coded schedule in iCal (yes, I've gone completely bonkers over color-coding iCal a week at a time). For one thing the colors are so much fun and for another thing, I seem to do better with a schedule and a block of time with a to-do list rather than a daily to-do list that always has too much on it. Definitely accomplishing more each day.

Happy Monday!

Currently reading: History of the Ancient World (Susan Wise Bauer)
Currently listening to: conference call with London on comorbidities scores

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