Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Staying Busy as We Wait for TX and OH to Vote

So I found a whole bunch of stories that were interesting.

Wikipedia founder living large? The scoop here.

Yet another memoir writer made it all up. Another one confessed last week, although hers was more pitiable.

So I caught the 20/20 story on the Royal Family last night, did you? Really interesting. Especially as I'm headed back to England in May for work. Working on extending the trip so that hubby and can travel around the country a bit while we're there. I want to go back to Oxford!

Also have embarked on a Meryl Streep movie-athon. I added all of her movies to my Netflix queue years ago after her Devil Wears Prada triumph, but just am beginning to see them all now (that's just how Netflix works). The first was Sophie's Choice, based on this novel, and I can't get it out of my head. Haunting, whimsical, layered, evocative, and depraved. It's a vivid picture of the Holocaust. It stuns you. Meryl's award for that movie role was absolutely deserved.

Waiting to hear what happens in TX/OH today. I hope the drama continues. We need to hear more from all candidates about how their plans to lead us in the next four years are better and we need to make sure those plans work, not just sound good.

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