Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday Grand Fiver

Because it's February 29 and it won't be February 29 again until 2012, this is special Friday GRAND Fiver. Everybody shout!

1. ABC is taking over SCRUBS from NBC. Huge news in today's Hollywood Reporter. Prince Harry is being taken off the front line in Afghanistan thanks to Drudge Report's scoop on his being there in the first place. Way to go, Drudge, endangering his life. The Prez made an appeal about us not being in a recession, surprise at the price of oil, and predicted the GOP would hold the Oval Office. I believe the first one myself, so I'm not pleased that he opened his mouth about it at all. I think we'll be okay and that things will turn and head back the other direction, but now all my credibility is shot to pieces.

2. Decided against the upcoming three-month writing class. I just had a check about it. You know? When it just doesn't feel right? So I'm not gonna do it. For the money, I could take another associate to lunch a couple times in exchange for his feedback instead. And get a few nice dinners at Boka Kitchen for myself as well (that place has amazing food, I'm telling ya!). Nice to have that settled.

3. My brother is in Jordan today at Petra. It's an amazing place just from his pictures. I can't imagine actually being there (and this is his second time!).

4. I talked with my novel editor on the phone yesterday and hope to get some feedback shortly. Feeling better about that. I have been thinking that time was a wasting and I was getting antsy to get back to work on the book. Especially when AWS is already plotting her third novel now. I'm never going to catch up!

5. Work is caught up. Next week should be slightly more intense. Tax busy work is caught up and will be finished today. All in all a very productive week. I plan to spend the weekend working on web sites copy and fiddling with my client management database. So fun. Thank goodness for thin mints!

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