Thursday, March 06, 2008

When It Rains, It Pours

Extremely good day yesterday for several reasons:

1. Got a hefty rebate check from Costco; time to stock up on toilet paper! LOL to the BS2 buddies on the forum--"no spendy!" Woot woot!

2. Got a new freelance client that I think will be a good fit for my biz; ongoing work with a great team.

3. Hubby got a new job working for an awesome team, with a nice hefty raise, for a very well-known company. Woot!

4. Several online buddies wrote me to commiserate on me not being able to find anything in the COACH catalog, but asking me to make clear that my despair is not giving up hope that the perfect 350-dollar purse will appear at some point in my future. I agree. I may be done with COACH, but I am not done with amazing bags. In fact, I'd say that I'd rather have one nice 350-dollar bag, than five less than stellar 70-dollar bags as Nicole at Making It Lovely put it so well. We're headed to London and possibly France in mid-May and what a great opportunity to buy leather goods. Harrods here I come!

ps to that--my good buddy, J, just got her amazing COACH bag yesterday, and because of her coupon, a refund on another bag that fell apart, and a very good hubby, she was able to swing this final bag purchase. It's the "Last Bag" for both of us from COACH. We intend to throw a celebration for it this weekend, which will probably include a sacrificial dance.

Okay, okay, no more purse talk. Sorry, Jamie.

5. All this crazy goings-on have made writing tough, but I did get the prep work on the new novel series going yesterday. My NY editor is almost finished with the previous novel and promises editorial feedback next week. And next week begins the start of the writing group (Jen and I are adding a few people) with a blog, web site, marketing platform, and publicity in the works.

Today there is fog instead of sun, but I don't care. We've had enough excitement to last all month!

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