Friday, December 14, 2007

Before I Hop On A Conference Call

I thought I'd post real quick. It's Friday! I LOVE it. I'm finished with just about everything for this week too. A quick status report (in true Friday Fiver fashion)

1. Feeling really good about the day job and how much we've accomplished. The style issues are still hazy and we won't get them resolved until after the first of the year, but the feed has been going great and I've been neck-deep in monographs all week long. I love it, but it really wears me out. But we're good. Next week is the feedback update, but that should go smooth. And my call in a few minutes is a style discussion, but nothing huge has to be decided. Yeah!

2. Finishing up my MFA work. Decided to ready extra chapters (optional reading) and take notes SWB style (Susan Wise Bauer, for those who don't know). I've resumed my reading schedule using her Well-Educated Mind book. Yes, I'm still reading Don Quixote and Pilgrim's Progress! I'm slow! But her note-taking tips for studying work with everything else mind you. Nice to have friends in "well-educated" places. :)

3. Headed to Bellevue to meet with Jen today for our monthly writing chat. I was tired so I thought perhaps I wouldn't make it, but my hubby encouraged me to go. He likes that I come home bouncing off the walls I guess. :) Jen and I get along famously and we get each other all hepped up and inspired, and goodness knows, I need it after this week.

4. Hubby wants frosted and sugar cookies for Christmas baking. Must get on that. I've also got to plan my Christmas menu (roast, mashed potatoes probably). But what kind of pie? When both of us LOVE chocolate pie. Hm, tough call.

5. Freelance work load is still intense. I'm caught up, but more coming in all the time. Expanding my horizons takes a lot of work and it's fun, but I already talked about the freak out day I had this week, didn't I? :) Need to continue writing my new web site and work on my marketing plans.

Sheesh, and I'm supposed to rest this weekend. LOL

Currently reading: Valiant (Holly Black)
Currently listening to: Michael W. Smith Christmas (can't get enough!)

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Anonymous said...

Yes! Bauer's book is the reason I have been faring so well in my own M.A. (English) program! I found your blog through Bauer's, and love reading your posts.