Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tuesday's Brighter

So I stayed home yesterday and I feel better today. Tired, but what's new. I can feel my Christmas vacation coming up soon and I'm already ready for it.

Hubby and I watched White Christmas last night. It was on television, but they cut all the good stuff out, so we turned that off and restarted it on DVD. As I rummaged through our DVD collection drawers, I found a whole pile of movies I want to watch over Christmas break. I can't wait.

In writing/reading/revising news, slow but steady progress. I mapped out my study schedule for school, and organized my reading piles (2008 is the year of the built-in bookshelf system! for sure!).

A new toy appeared for my office last week: Fly Pentop Computer and it's pretty fun. I'm using it to brainstorm, but intend to use it out at the library or in a bookstore. I'll keep you posted on how this writer brain is able to utilize it. (It's on sale at Leapfrog.com for those who want to try it out with me.)

Currently reading: Valiant (Holly Black)
Currently playing: Narnia soundtrack


LaDonnaMobile said...

Question: I clicked on the link for the fly pen computer but didn't find an answer to my biggest question: will it allow me to take notes, then upload my notes into a word doc??

Trish said...

Hi, LaDonna,

I think so. This is what all of us writers are experimenting with. It takes a special Flypaper, but I think when it uploads it goes into a Wordpad or Word doc. I haven't tried it yet though.

I bought this thing for that reason, so I hope it does!

I'll keep the blog posted on my progress.