Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday Goals

So, here's up updated list of goals to accomplish either before the end of the year or that are going on my official 2008 goals list.
This week:
1. Feed frenzy ends tomorrow. I have one more proof, plus a copyedit for the January mid-month feed. Feedback from client Excel update this week. Finish AMA review, and review new dosing guidelines from the pharmacists. Upload docs to Intranet this week.
2. Last of the freelance projects for this year headed out this week.
3. Novel revision ongoing (3 hours a day).
4. College exam studies have resumed. Week one of MFA complete.
5. 2008 business marketing plans progress (1 hour per day).
6. Medical and financial paperwork to HR by Friday.
Before year end:
1. Novel revision ongoing (3 hours a day).
2. Finish HB books, DL books; progress on SD and JB books.
3. Christmas prep for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Christmas cookie decorating on Christmas Eve!
4. Prep for New Year's Eve bash.
5. College exam studies have resumed. Week one of MFA complete.
6. 2008 business marketing plans progress (1 hour per day).
1. Novel revision ongoing (3 hours a day).
2. College exam studies have resumed. Week one of MFA completed; eight weeks to catch up on. :)
3. 2008 business marketing plans progress (1 hour per day).

I'm working on an official business marketing plan for 2008 and 2009 as I'm not sure of my employment status as of June 2008. Probably will stay on, but it's up in the air and I need to make contingency plans. Will know more this week, I think.
Spent the weekend resting, reading, studying, and writing. Caught up with week one of the MFA, and this week it's onto weeks two and three. Shouldn't be hard, my workshop project (short story) is in rough form already in a notebook, so I'm looking forward to lengthening it out a bit.
Saw I Am Legend and was a bit disappointed. Have the original movies it was made off of coming via post this week, so we'll be able to compare/contrast. Will Smith did a great job, but meh on how the story translated to the screen this time.
Hubby bought me Harry Potter 5 so will get to watch that again during the holidays. I also have Lost season 3, and can't wait to dive in as prep for the new season starting in February. They even did a Lost season 4 preview at the movies! I cheered and embarrassed hubby and our friend who was with us.
Windy, blowy, cold up here. But we're snug and cozy. Gotta get to work now.
Currently reading: Valiant (Holly Black)
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Anonymous said...

I love your goal lists, but have to ask--since I can't always stick to mine--how do you follow up on these lists? Do you have a palm pilot that beeps to remind you when it's time to switch from novel revision to exam studies? Do you write it out on paper and check it off? What's the secret to making sure every goal is met?

Trish said...

I use iGTD (a free shareware program for Macs that keeps me on track). I divide up each task into a daily amount that I do each day and then enter those tasks into iGTD. This is David Allen's Getting Things Done mantra (his book is dense, but great).

I'm also very motivated (freelanced for 12 years, you've got to be to survive) and I don't let myself have a Coke, eat a cookie, or finish a movie until a certain number of things are done. Like this morning, I have finished everything on my to-do list that I wanted done by noon PST. Now I can have lunch, relax a bit and gear up for the afternoon list. I also have categories and scan them regularly to make sure I am folding everything in.

iGTD isn't really necessary, paper works just fine and a timer set to 15 minutes. You'll be irritated by the timer when it goes off and will shut it off and keep going. Or you can them move on to your next task.

Hope this helps!

Trish said...

More thoughts:

All that said (post-lunch), it takes some serious will-power and determination to accomplish all these things. I get inspired by people recording how they approach their big goals, thus my blog tends to try and inspire others. Susan Wise Bauer inspires me every time I read anything she writes, and I many others like her to thank.

And . . . start a tickler file (31 folders labeled 1-31) which lets you file things and better organize your day. I can't live without it!