Monday, July 02, 2007


We reformatted the iTunes computer over the weekend. What a task. I vacuumed out the garage on Saturday and then started to paint lawn furniture, but that turned into a bigger task than expected because really we needed to sand off the four other layers of paint and give it a new base coat. So, the chairs are sanded and clean and tonight I'll prime them and tomorrow night I'll paint them. They'll be ready for the big 4th of July party, I hope!

In writing news, I came up with multiple essay topics and began to work on the first of them. I came up with two very good book proposal topics and began to work on one of those. I also finished Ferriss' 4-Hour Workweek in a record two hours and feel so much better about moving to Texas in the fall. We can do this. I'm almost done with Annie Dillard's On Writing and Anne Lamott's Traveling Mercies. Really enjoying both of those books.

We went through a neighbor's open house yesterday, only 200 square feet larger than our home, same age, almost identical house plan, just as private and large of a backyard. The price is fair (but a great indicator for our possible selling price) and they will get it, but it may take a bit of time. Housing prices have not dropped, but rather than 65% of homes selling here, just 30% sell now.

So different from when we were in the market trying to buy. What a circus that was. We put an offer in just 7 hours after the house was on the market. We were the first ones to see it. They accepted our offer (full price) and signed an agreement on Friday about noon and we set off to an out-of-town wedding that weekend. Monday we returned to find out that a bidding war had begun for our home and people were offering thousands more on top of the full price to get it away from us. Our sellers were loyal and stayed with us. We're very grateful. We still just really love this home and if we do have to sell, it will be with a bit of regret and sadness. We've really customized several things to just how we like it, and while of course, we'll just do similar things to the next house, this is our first home.

Off to study work style guides and AMA today. An important editorial meeting discussing them is tomorrow and I want to be on my toes!

Probably work on an essay, the book proposal, and the fiction later today.

Keep moving forward.

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