Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Marie Antoinette and the iPhone

Two things on my mind.

I watched Marie Antoinette for the third time. Yes, a bit obsessive, I know. But if you haven't seen it yet, read Antonia Fraser's book too. Start reading the book and then watch the corresponding parts of the movie. The story comes alive. Marie Antoinette lives and breathes in our world, and I, for one, really (finally) grasped the raw power of revolution and its dangerous "slippery slope." Marie Antoinette was a tragic figure, raised for one purpose, and not even considered until just before her marriage as a probable queen. Her life was sacrificed for Austria and then for France.

The iPhone reviews are starting to show up on the Apple forum. A technology writer I know has a compendium of the problem areas on his blog: Erik Sherman

I will definitely be waiting for the second or third model of the phone. Thank goodness for my Blackberry, which does everything except play music and locate the closest smoothie place. Using it does make waiting for a usable iPhone much easier.

Two hours of conference calls today so far and it's only 9 am. Learning a lot and really excited once again to be in this spot.

Finished five books over the weekend and last night. I am making progress on my reading list.

Keep Moving Forward.

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