Thursday, July 05, 2007


Fireworks were good; food was great; company was better. Back to work today.

I did make some serious progress with writing projects this week. I have two essays I've been polishing and I am sending them out to markets. I picked up two magazine writing assignments this week and I am sending some book ideas to an editor at a major publisher to present to her editorial board. Fingers crossed that I get some positive feedback.

I've determined to short-circuit some processes. I believe a writing process should encompass the shortest distance from here (idea) to there (publication/payment). Thus I've decided that I will move quickly to get to the next stage of feedback. The point is that if I'm stuck and it's not at a feedback stage, I need to push it forward as quickly as possible. The only time I'm waiting is when someone else is making a decision and those waiting times should be spent concocting new ideas.

Good stuff. And it's working, because I'm making progress.

Keep moving forward.

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