Wednesday, April 11, 2007

How to Have a Good Day

So, people ask me all the time: why the heck are you so upbeat and cheerful?

There's only one reason. Why not?

Sure, there are days that just get to me, but from a very young age, I have always enjoyed the little things: a good lunch, a sunny day, fresh drinking water, even that I get to stay home without going anywhere makes me delirious with joy.

Not delirious, but I do enjoy a day at home.

My glass is half full. That's just the way I am. And it does drive some friends and colleagues out of their minds, especially when they don't ever see me complaining or whining or making mountains out of molehills. One thing they still don't understand is that I don't get angry, I get motivated. I make mountains out of every single molehill in my life, but I just have decided to work double hard to get past 'em. I don't get depressed, I crank up my adrenaline, thus frequently you'll find me levitating a few feet above the ground on a perfectly normal Wednesday morning, my adrenaline flying because of small things that mean a lot.

Like today.

Hubby's at the job fair, wearing a tie!; I edited his resume and he printed out neat copies on linen paper last night. He went to work and his boss edited it too and I think he's going to rework it yet again. Oh well. I don't feel so hot today, but instead of spending the day on the couch after I call the nurse for some meds (it's a chronic issue that shows up every six months or so), I'm going to see how much of my to-do list I can get done before those same meds put me into a couch potato stupor (they always make me sleepy).

It's a waste of my time and precious energy to complain or be depressed because of how I feel or how nervous I am for my hubby today. (He'll do fine.) I just have to quit cranking up the pressure (the reason I don't feel well) and calm down. I need to take some adrenal support medications, and relax, and breathe, and not try and add much more to the schedule.

I think that's as normal as anyone else. I just don't feel like whining about it.

In Curio news, wow, it is really coming together. One of the things I aim to work on today is pacing how much information I tell about the major hurt in my characters' lives. Slow, slow, slow peeling of the layers to show their secret hurt. I may not even tell all of the secret hurt, but I want the audience perplexed as to why this character acts like she does.

How is your day going?

Keep Moving Forward.

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