Friday, April 13, 2007

Don't Push Me Around

I hate confrontation with a passion. I will work very hard to avoid it when I can. I'm not weak, I just don't want to spend energy on it. I'd rather be creative.

But . . . there are days when I willingly use some of that creative energy to create boundaries in my life and push right back.

Like today. On the phone with my urgent care nursing service to get a script. All is well until I say something he (male nurse) doesn't like, or that reminds him that I'm just a stupid patient who knows NOTHING, and then all **** breaks loose.

I sit there for a minute after I hang up and then I hit redial. And ask for the charge nurse.

It was worth spending another 30 minutes on the phone to get a human being who actually has a clue. And, male nursey, if I'm in that much pain again, I go to the ER whether you think I should or not.

The charge nurse agreed and thanked me for standing up for myself.

I'm a healthy early 30s adult woman, but occasionally, I have issues, and the health care team is there to help me, not scold me.

So, lesson learned. When pushed a bit too far, I muster my creative energy and push the **** back.

Is someone moving in too close today? Push right back.

And keep moving forward.

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