Monday, April 09, 2007

A bit o' wisdom for Monday.

I had to just cool it this weekend. I was so tired I coudn't keep my eyes open on Saturday, and yesterday, I felt terrible and just had to read and not try and think too much (which wasn't bad punishment and I still got through several chapters of the book edit on international relations, which by the way is totally fascinating and well-written).

Todd suggested we go see "Meet the Robinsons" in 3D. It seemed silly and totally juvenile, but what the heck? Why not. So we did. Wow. What a great movie. I don't usually wax poetic over animated movies, but wow. A great personal lesson for the both of us, as we move on from disappointments (things that looked incredible and were unreal opps that just fell through recently). The theme of the movie was Keep Moving Forward, a quote from Walt Disney himself. Again, wow.

It shows me again how easy it is for Resistance to come in and steal your energy. I could have stressed yesterday that I didn't get farther in that book edit, but the editor is a reasonable person and I'm on schedule for the amended deadline. I could have spent the day being reminded again and again of how my disappointment has set me back (in truth it set me on another better pathway), but the reminder to keep moving forward kept me doing just that.

Sometimes it only takes a animated movie to show us the truth.

We can do it.

Keep Moving Forward.

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