Thursday, April 12, 2007

Do You Live in Fear Or Hope?

That's Maine by the way. Isn't it gorgeous? I just got a file full of pics that my husband took on our visit back there in October 2006.

The weather was amazing for early October; warm enough for two outdoor weddings, and because I'd never been to New England, I soaked it up!

I chose this picture because it reminds me to go forward with hope today. I'm a little stressed out. Too much to do, too many things to think about, too many people trying to get my attention. Too much of that, and your friendly blogger turns into something else.

But, I've been talking about approaching life with fear or hope with a good friend this week. Actually, she's one of my best friends. True, we don't talk everyday, but we've been friends for our entire lives! Since childhood, and that ain't no small feat. She has a fantastic view of life, always upbeat (we were raised by mothers who were best friends), and our families just relate on that level. There is no reason to sit and whine about this or that. There's always more to do! Onward, onward. That's the sense I get whenever we are all together. Sure we enjoy just goofing off togther, but we're all so full of plans and dreams that we inspire each other most of the time.

Gee, now most people reading this think I had a perfect childhood, so thus, I'm upbeat and happy.

Nah. Not perfect, but I got handed hope, not fear.

My parents were often fearful, but it never lasted too long. They always tried to hand me hope, even during the ten years that our lives got very dark in a religious order. Now that we're out, they look for ways to encourage me and they always are ready and willing to be hopeful for things in my life that I'm just not sure about. (I'm also trying to return the favor now that I'm an adult.)

But what if your parents don't do that? Is there hope for you?

Of course. Especially then. My parents didn't have perfect childhoods. Actually, they had tough childhoods, both growing up in single-parent homes, experiencing a lot of rejection during their pivotal years, but look how they have encouraged me.

I say the worst sort of life you've had, all the more reason to be hopeful. It can only get better.

Is there one thing you fear today that you are allowing to control you?

Name it, face it, and do one action to take it down a notch.

Whether that be typing a title of a book you want to write, studying for 15 minutes for that test you have to take, or answering the phone when you're expecting a terrible call. But do it with hope that things will work out. Things will be okay.

It's not a life change, it's a mindset change.

Keep Moving Forward.

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