Friday, April 04, 2008

Friday Rainy Fiver

1. Blasted email won't work today! Can't get in or get out for day job and for my main freelance email. This will be fun.

2. Work is almost all done for freelance. Finishing up two projects today and then another begins Monday, but for the weekend, I'm caught up!

3. Guest room is spotless, hubby cleaned his office, and the rest of the house is clean. Just our bedroom (laundry) and bathrooms. Then I need to buy food and we are ready for company.

4. Behind on Netflix movies! Need to catch up this weekend. Can't wait for new episodes of the Office next week! Woohoo!

5. Writing will continue into this weekend and into next week. Sample chapter work continues, need to place some platform-building articles out there, essay rewrite, and need to read a pile of books and start work on the novel revision plan. Plus short story MFA work to catch up on! Yikes.

And I'm off to the rainy beyond.

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