Thursday, April 03, 2008

Let's Just Wait Until 350 Posts To Switch

Got slammed today with day job work and freelance work and little niggling details that only I can attend to. So what's new?

The bookshelves are up and every single book fits on a shelf! Happy day! No piles under the coffee table and on side tables or stacked behind the couch in the living room, no more books stacked three feet high on my reading table, no more books stacked in a maze pattern on my office floor, no more books stacked in the hallway or on the floor in the guest room. Everything is on a shelf. And boy, do I feel accomplished.

Put another 25 books on hold at the library yesterday and put myself on the list for a Kindle. The rumor is that the wait is no longer at six weeks and since I need to read the new Jodi Picoult, but have four feet of bookshelf space left, I don't want to use up my shelf space on a one-time read. Plus, the traveling coming up will require lots of books and not enough room for them all. So the Kindle was a logical choice. Ordered April 2, 2008, let this blog be a measurement of how long it takes.

It comes with a book cover, a USB cord, and a power cord. It automatically updates with subscribed newspapers and magazines, and if I'm thinking of a book, I can order it direct from the Kindle (in the US). Fully recharges in 2 hours. Easy on the eyes.

The reviews from friends who own one are impressive. Everyone loves their Kindle. And even though seeing Shan's iPhone made me REALLY want one, I'm still waiting for the new 3G network until I buy. Plus my Blackberry will do fine for this year.

In writing news, getting my brain wrapped around my three projects and good thing too. A major trip is now looming on the horizon (bigger than London) for this month and if I go, I will get tons of writing done. Found a major research paper using the King County library extended academic research database, and pulled down a pdf, for free! It deals with the subject matter I'm working on for my YA novel.

Sister in law comes in tomorrow, must go vacuum.

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