Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Back to Work, Back to Work, Back to Work, Work, Work

Yup, I had a three-day weekend. Very nice, I might add. Trying to burn up my vacation because it all restarted today for the next year. Since I get 4 weeks a year with my job, it seems I will be taking more vacation than I've ever had in almost 15 years of freelancing. Well, sometimes freelancers just take a day off, but most of the time, we work!

I get all of next week off (my last five days from 2007 vacation), which works out nicely because my sister-in-law arrives Friday night. We can't wait.

Had a fabulous weekend with the sis and we shopped and gabbed and brainstormed and watched movies (August Rush, which was pretty good in spite of the crazy photography), and I think she's well-stocked with work clothes (as am I! Found a suit at J. Crew!) and a few ideas on things to accomplish in April.

I finished up multiple projects while she was here, which just started to bug me and so all in all, it was a very productive weekend. Snowed, sleeted, hailed, rained, thundered, lightninged, blew, and blustered all weekend. We still have hail crust on the ground. They say it is to be 60 degrees by Friday.

Bring it on. I bought new flip flops.

Today is finishing up more little stuff (multiple freelance and work projects), sign up for AMWA's spring education conference in May, finish tax papers for the CPA, and begin to get the books off the floor and onto the bookshelves!

Yep, they arrived yesterday, in good shape, and I can't wait to have a shelf for every book in this house. Plus, now that everything can be shelved, I can start weeding out books that can be sold or given away. Woohoo!

This week, I aim to begin the first sample chapter for the book project. We're still in limbo waiting on the publisher's editorial committee, but I like to get something down before they ask for it. Plus, the essay needs revising and I've got to begin a novel revision schedule and master plan.

The client from last week (I quit their project; not their fault at all) offered another lucrative project yesterday and so I need to get the specifics going for that today as well.

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