Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Fiver, Birthday Style

My sis is having a birthday this weekend and so in her honor:

1. Happy, happy birthday! No snow this morning, so hopefully the storm missed us. Snow right now is just ridiculous, I think. My hyacinth and tulips are shivering.

2. T-o-o-o Y-o-u. Day job is going great; I have to participate as a speaker at the big symposium in London in May. So I need a suit. Darn.

3. Happy birthday, dear sister! Freelance work is in constant motion, jumping off one project today because of the bad vibes. Feel bad for those left on the job, but my gut hath spoken.

4. Happy birthday . . . The agent sent the pitch to the editor. Yowza. This is real.

5. To YOU! Three-day weekend begins. Waiting on my bookshelves and wallowing in my new chair.

Happy Friday! Keep writing, everyone!

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