Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mid-Week Mayhem

Remember the tax forms I couldn't find all through January and February? My CPA dealt with those (thank goodness for a CPA; no wonder I couldn't find them) and then I got hit with another form yesterday that is my responsibility, but I know for a fact the state of WA never sent me the original form to file. Grrrrr. Running a corporation is definitely more paperwork.

Interesting news from the WSJ today about a click recession in January. I personally don't think we're in a recession, but this is definite news of a change in consumer behavior. Does it mean people are buying less right now? Not sure. I see consumers buying more. We're definitely trying to decide.

And then a very interesting article on Martha Stewart (my touchstone/mentor to building a business and brand that doesn't rely on just me; yes she went to jail, but her business sense in all other areas besides insider trading is quite solid, I assure you). I am proud to say she is a mentor for me. Her book, The Martha Rules, provided me with my first glimpse at a company, started by a woman, built entirely debt-free--a true bootstrapper.

I realized about six months ago that as my business stands now, it will collapse without me (it is a true services business) and I need to build something different if I'm going to spend any more time with it. Where did I get that idea? Martha Stewart and Seth Godin. Those two have guided me so wisely through the rebuilding in 2007 and the expansion planned for 2008. Now I know what I need to do in 2009 and 2010 and beyond and hey, just maybe, this little tiny thing that started in August 1995 in my Mom's teeny-tiny sewing room and on a borrowed computer can actually partially fund our retirement. I'd like to pull some equity out of this 13-year business. So, thanks, Martha and Seth. Cheers.

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