Tuesday, February 19, 2008

And Then It Was Tuesday

Wah. Weekend's over. So hard to come back to reality. Nothing like a two-hour phone meeting with my London colleagues outlining 2008 to get me back.

I may not survive until December, I fear. We've got some serious work to do and I'm smack in the middle of it (and partially responsible).

But the weekend was lovely. A fine Friday (late) night gabbing with old and new friends, a Saturday with hubby running errands and learning new skills (I got crossbow skillz) and then a bowling tournament until the wee hours of the morning Sunday with friends.

On Sunday a small group of us went to Snowqualmie to play in the snow because the sun was warm and the snow was crunchy. The sign said no sledding so we boogie boarded instead. Luckily we had yesterday to recoup.

This is the weekend of a Pacific Northwest native. Drool on, my midwest friends.

I just can't believe my snowpants still fit.

So last week was a week of rejection for this writer. I scratch my head, whine a bit, and then get back up to start again. No feedback yet on the novel, but the essay stuff is enough to weigh me down. My teacher, however, is da bomb. Seriously, if you can EVER get a class with Andrea King Collier, do it. No hesitation whatsoever.

After digging a hole so deep for years about essays, the lighbulb has appeared over my head (see it?) and I actually GET it. I now have to write it, but I'm just pleased as punch at the getting it part, I may just sit on that for a while.

In reality, I must get writing.

Today holds a stack of retro reviews for work (fun, fun) a quick finish up of a proof batch, and then the writing commences.

I actually feel great. The weekend sunshine did amazing things for my brain, spirit, and outlook. I love sun! And I'm off.

Currently reading: Mothers Who Think essay book (Camille Peri and Kate Moses)
Currently listening to: Sing Alleluia (Jennifer Knapp)

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