Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Fiver

1. Allison, over at her blog points out today that she is more productive and creative after kids than before. Cool confession, yes?

2. I am irritated at the sloppiness of countless authors this week. The little nitpicky details that I have chased endlessly this week have worn me out. Ready for weekend!

3. Anyone read the soppy, bitter Atlantic Monthly article that was named an essay but did not qualify as an essay because the author did not prove her two points? I skimmed it, but got irritated because, I'm sorry, but there is something worse than not being married by (for the author, 40; for me, 30) and that's getting married to the wrong guy or settling and just marrying because you feel the pressure.

I am living proof. I had a series of guys to choose from that were all wrong for me BEFORE I met my current hubby. I think back to how quickly things would have gone sour with any of those previous three.

And this clarity even after being happily married for four years. We both have faults and irritate each other, but he's the best thing in my life. I say it all the time. Marriage is not easier than singleness, and it's not harder, it's complicated in good and bad ways. You don't need that One Perfect Person when the furnace goes out or the house is a mess and you're having company; you need someone you can once again choose to love and who chooses to love you, even at your worst and grossest moments. I have more to say, but I will stop.

4. Watching HBO's Band of Brothers and in awe of the story. Wow.

5. Writing up a storm and having a ball. The sun has been out all week long, which makes it easier in February. I am so ready for March, I wore spring clothes out to lunch yesterday (and froze my toes).

Happy Friday!

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Heidi said...

So, when will you be increasing your creativity/productivity? LOL!

I agree that there is a new sense of urgency and prioritizing that happens after having children. I do more in one day than I used to, but don't necessarily have something tangible to show for it which can be frustrating. It would be nice to have a nannny, though. :)

I also agree that there is a widening of emotions and experience that occurs with having a child. More depth to draw from.

Interesting stuff.