Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Voted

Washington held a non-binding primary yesterday, which in essence means voter turnout was just okay. Our precinct was pretty slow when we checked in to vote at about 2:30.

The percentage of write-ins for this election has really gone wild. We both giggled to each other as we voted because a friend begged us to write his name in. No, not Sock. And our friend wasn't serious, but the list of choices was really dismal. No one is left in the race!

Yesterday was a zoo, and today I so have to focus. So this will be quick.

My essay instructor impressed on me again today how important is it tell the truth. To peel back layers. Most essays published just dip a toe into our emotions, but it's the ones that really reveal that get torn out of magazines and passed along to neighbors.

Something worth thinking about.

I've got a new fiction critique group starting up (mostly Seattle writers) in a few weeks. I'm excited to expand my scheduled writing time and to get feedback. It is tough to carve out three hours each day to write. I'm failing miserably this week.

With that, off I go!

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