Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy Thursday.

This week has been the week of finishing up projects. It's a great feeling after several months of hard work and seems to fit the weather (late morning sunshine burning off early morning fog).

I love it.

My brother is off to Israel today. He's so excited, but also sad at leaving his girlfriend behind. He'll be visiting Jordan to see the ruins at Petra as well. I would LOVE to see Petra. At least he gets to. Shalom, N! Have a great time.

Today is essay work. I feel so calm as I approach essays after the lessons from Andrea. I hope to rework the original essay I began two weeks ago and get it to her tomorrow. Then I want to start others and just really create a fun process for my essays. They are the best vehicle for my thoughts right now.

Currently reading: Right to Write (Julia Cameron)
Currently listening to: The Vogues

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