Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Fiver

And it's our favorite Friday Fiver!

1. Workload is still so heavy. I'm tired, but thankfully the three-day weekend will help restore me. :)

2. Valentine's Day was really fun. Todd is so excited about his gift: he gets to try out several Wii games and then I'll buy him the one he wants. He'll do that tonight with A while I'm off with friends.

3. The writing will continue today. Need to get to the next draft of the essay. Also need to finish my MFA work.

4. My prayers go out to the NIU students, staff, and families of those who were hurt. A tragedy.

5. The new Indiana Jones movie trailer is out: Indy Jones trailer for May 2008

Currently reading: Web Copy That Sells (Maria Veloso)
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