Monday, January 07, 2008

Reading the Weekend Away (plus a Wii)

Okay, so we got one of those Wiis. I've been wanting one for a while (for the bowling) and then we couldn't find one anywhere because of Christmas, so I looked on Amazon, but then didn't buy it, and then yesterday hubby comes back home with one that he found at the old Wal-mart. Last one on the shelf! The sports Wii! With bowling.

So, I will say on this blog: I'm really good at Wii bowling. Don't ask our friends how good I am at REAL bowling though, because I don't think the real thing counts anymore, right? LOL

It is super fun and really easy. Kids love it, so I must be a kid at heart, because I love it more. We bowled until late last night.

We did have to replace our television too this weekend. I bought the plain jane 32-inch CRT at Best Buy and got ribbed by every single Best Buy sales clerk on the way out. Okay, enough already. I don't want to buy a frickin' plasma!

"But do you realize that in a year, this tv will be obsolete?"

"You don't say."

What happened to America? Since when does one have to buy all the bells and whistles too?


I can see the presidential debates in New Hampshire just fine on this dinosaur of a television (and it was two thousand dollars less than a plasma! so there!).

In writing news, (surprise, I did some of that before the new tv and the Wii arrived) I studied craft and made it through two more books this weekend. I also watched the Seahawks win. All in all, a very "reading spa" weekend. (no snow, our buddy got tix to the hawks game instead)

Currently reading: Suite Francaise (Irene Nemirovsky)
Currently listening to: Daft Punk (Alive 2007)

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