Tuesday, January 08, 2008

And Tuesday

I'm here early. My 8 am meeting was cancelled. I'm uploading a bunch of documents to the company intranet too, so if I don't make sense today, I apologize.

We are go for launch. My editor is ready for my manuscript. I am almost done tweaking it. A quick micro-revision so that the editor can give me a good sturdy macro-edit so that I can go back and do more micro-edits. Wheeee. This is fun.

Ran to pick up my jeans (hemmed by the incredible Nordstrom tailoring department) last night and the mall was deserted. LOVED it. Great parking, walkways and stairways empty, store clerks looking desperate with two hours still to go before closing and sale signs beckoning from every window. I ignored all of it. Well, I started to go into the Apple store to oogle the iPhone, but since I have now made a pact (in public) that I won't buy the iPhone until they are 3G compatible and that won't happen until later this year, my conscience stopped me short. So no oogling, which only tempts me to whip out my debit card. My darn Blackberry phone still works (even though I drop it as much as possible, ya know, to hurry the process of dying.)

Plus, my budget for gadgets is nil after having to replace the tv. And spending several grand on a freelance editor this spring negates any needs for more gadgets. I'd rather have an editor. Hubby just pointed out that dropping the old phone is ungrateful. So true. I love my piece of crap phone. I DO. Hi, honey!

Anyway, Nordstrom was so quiet Todd could hear the music playing! A wonder. But we scooted out of there before I got sidetracked by a sale and now I have my 2008 jeans all ready to wear. I have to say I'm digging the skinny jeans with my ballet flats right now.

I am almost done with the revision book reading. Should be done today. My MFA work starts up again today as well. And the Wii bowling continues.

So much to do! Gotta dash.

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Jamie Ford said...

Gotta love Nordstrom. Though I was employed there in college as a sketch artist in the make-up department and the music did get a little old.

On another note, I play pick-up basketball a few times each week and my shoulder has NEVER been as sore as a non-stop weekend of Wii bowling with my kids. Be warned...