Thursday, January 10, 2008

Yo, It's Still Raining

And snowing about 20 minutes away like crazy. (We're at 1,000 feet.)

My alarm clock is going off upstairs, but I woke up this morning with hubby, realized he had to sign a bunch of paperwork before he left, remembered to send some files to a client, and then got sucked into answering email from London. My first meeting is in 20 minutes.

I love how the brain works. It can hold such vast amounts of information that it's astounding. I have a notepad that I am writing down little tidbits of information on pertaining to the handover of oversight duties at my job. I handed them over last week to my boss and now we are trying to use Dumbledore's Pensieve to draw out every last shred of anything that got filed away and never got written down or verbalized. It's what happens when one (me) is not only a working copyeditor, but also trying to reign in the mutating style.

But once everything is drawn out into the Pensieve, my brain will be so much the clearer. I can't wait! :)

Tons of writing stuff last night. My left leg is so sore from bowling on that Wii that I could only watch Todd attempt to dismantle my score, but I did quick revise work so the pain was worth it (leg pain or score pain?).

Today is more day job stuff (a ton more) and then I can get back to the revising this afternoon.

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