Friday, January 04, 2008

Friday Fiver

1. Oh the weather outside is frightful . . . and I have to go out in it today to run errands. Blech.

2. Found my Laurie Lewis book "What to Charge" in a box packed last summer in preparation for our now non-move. If you are a freelancer and struggle with charging enough or keeping track of how long it takes you to do things, this book is for you.

3. Am on the hunt for a new tv. Using Todd's little 20-inch is going to make me blind. I finished the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy yesterday and the hobbits were totally smaller than I remember them.

4. We're going to play in the snow this weekend if everyone's schedule cooperates. Probably snow-tubing, then a nice warm meal at the Rock restaurant. I need to go make sure my ski pants still fit.

5. Constant Chatter exploded. I never went there anyway, but what a mess. So LJ is jam-packed and I can't find my real friends list anymore.

Happy Friday!

Currently reading: The Beautiful and the Damned (F. Scott Fitzgerald)
Currently listening to: Elgar

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