Wednesday, January 09, 2008


So the esteemed Jamie Ford (book is finally done, yes?) noted on yesterday's post that the Wii can make one sore.

Um, yes.

I am using muscles I didn't even know I owned. It does not raise my heart rate, however, blasted BMJ was right, thus any Wii play does not count in my daily physical fitness log. Bummer.

I make my hubby laugh when I bowl. My contortions and facial expressions humor him. I did however, bowl five strikes in a row to boost my score to PRO yesterday. That did not humor him. (I'm catching up to his score.)

Yes, I'm a writer. I procrastinate.

Okay, so back to today. Still running my novel manuscript through the quick micro-revision processes. I am tempted to hurry through and just send it and then I panic and worry that my manuscript will be so bad, the freelance editor will return it unopened. But as my esteemed writing buddy, Jen, wrote me in an email yesterday, "better that XXXX should tell you what sucks than that you send your manuscript off to agents who won't tell you -- they'll just pass."

So, I'm off to work again today. My brain is full of day job stuff, so I must deal with it first, but later, the writing work is ON!

Currently reading: Right to Write (Julia Cameron)
Currently listening to: Tattoo (Jordin Sparks)

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