Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tuesday and My Head Hurts

Fifty pages in to the revision and my head is throbbing. Might be me coming off of sugar and caffeine, might be the fact that I can't figure out how to fold a chunk of storyline in without ruining my continuity. Must keep thinking.

Quick booklist for Q1 (this is the fiction list)

The Reluctant Fundementalist (Mohsin Hamid)
The Year of Magical Thinking (Joan Didion)
Intuition (Allegra Goodman)
My Year of Meats (Ruth Ozeki)
Instances of the Number 3 (Salley Vickers)
Broken for You (Stephanie Kallos)

Thanks to DGG's eZine for a great list! (I've also bought up her nf list and will post that later this week.)

And for those who have their head stuck in the sand, PBS is showing 10 weeks of Jane Austen. Persuasion (not a BBC production) showed on Sunday, and next week is Northanger Abbey. See Masterpiece for more info. The Persuasion movie was not what I hoped for (they changed the movie from the Austen original text), but I still enjoyed it. It's better than the dreck on tv right now! It's still Jane Austen. Everyone is hopeful that the series improves.

Off to work and then later, the next 50 pages.

Currently reading: The Year of Magical Thinking (Joan Didion)
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TCP said...

I'm so glad you posted about the JA marathon...I didn't know about it and will definitely tune in. (The writers' strike is killing me...last night I ended up watching a reality show about Miss America!)

Heidi said...

I enjoyed Persuasion. Maybe not as much as the other version, but... The Captain was certainly better looking in Sunday's performance. :)

Trish said...

He was just a little pasty for a sea captain. :) And they took out some amazing parts that were pivotal to the plot. But I'm glad you liked it. Rupert Penry-Jones (from BBC's Spooks) is a great actor. I love watching him in Spooks/MI5 (he comes along about season 3 or 4, I think). Highly recommended.