Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday Fiver

1. Trying to decide whether or not to take an essay class from the esteemed Andrea King Collier in February. Would that be too much on my plate with this novel?

2. Finally getting access to the remote access for the day job: the right sufolders, etc. That was a hassle.

3. Revision is moving along, I'm dreaming about the book now, which is a good sign. This weekend is all revision, all the time.

4. Tonight is Cloverfield (new JJ Abrams movie) and I can't decide to go see it or not. I think not; I can't stand freakishly suspenseful movies in the theater.

5. Three day weekend, which is a surprise, because I wasn't planning on it until like Wednesday, but now I'm really excited.

Short and sweet today. Gotta get to my work.

Currently reading: Intuition (Allegra Goodman)
Currently listening to: Jordin Sparks

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Heidi said...

Like the new look! I feel refreshed. :)