Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday and I Need the Weekend . . .Now!

Yes, the blog changed a bit. I'm fussing with it, trying to decide what I like and what I don't. That's Maui (looking out from the Seven Sacred Pools) by the way. Everyone is in Hawaii right now (well not everyone, but plenty of people I know who keep emailing me to say hi; hello to you too) and I could use a dose of it myself.

Moving on.

I was sick yesterday, so not much progress other than LOST season 3 and day job work. The day job is all shot to bits right now because my old boss is leaving (my new boss doesn't want the job) and they keep including me in on all these management meetings (that start at 2 am my time) and I don't know why. Someone got hold of my name somehow and I'm the "solution" person, so I actually have spent time thinking about this stuff. I should not be! I'm the copyeditor. We've got marketing, content, ROW to worry about, but I am just trying to make sure the commas work and that all these niggly things are decided and made consistent. I am so small on the totem pole, but end up worrying about things that people are paid a lot o' money to worry about.

Watched some American Idol and now understand why I don't watch American Idol. Dreamed that Houdini's car got dropped on our house. Did Houdini even have a car? It was painted like an American flag. I gotta quit thinking so much.

Today is more of the same, but I sure feel better.

Currently reading: Dear Joan Didion
Currently listening to: Famous for Nothing (Dropkick Murphys)

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