Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday Starts Off With a Bang

It was a nice weekend. Super busy, but really nice. I took a really long nap yesterday and feel rested and ready. The revised manuscript is so close! I will ship it off in the next few days.

We had a party for the Seahawks-Packers game and hooked up two of the tvs in order to watch the game and play the Wii. Everyone is sore! Then we packed up and hubby and I ran up to meet friends for dinner. It turned into a four-hour mastermind/brainstorming session on careers and entrepreneurship. It was great! My brain really needed that workout and I think everyone at the table walked away with good networking ideas on how to further careers and business plans. I encourage every entrepreneur to get into a mastermind group and toss around ideas--think outside the box. It pays off.

Today I head back to Bellevue to meet with Jen before she jets off to her vacation. I have several things to deal with workwise before I go, plus after I return tonight, I need to start in on this week's to-do list. Should be fun (and real).

The writing is going great. I had a super fun class Friday and worked on some exercises with the class that got me into the head of my narrator. Really helpful. We just used writing prompts and let our imaginations run wild. It worked for me!

Happy writing today!

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