Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mid-week and I'm gonna make it!

Everything I've been waiting for in the mail showed up yesterday (except my Sephora order; I really need my makeup, people!) and that was a relief. I found out I get Monday off--sweet! And I'm to the 100-150 zone in the first pass revise. Double sweet!

This revising wears me out! Well that and I got up at 6:30 yesterday and was at work at 6:50 AM for a batch of two meetings yesterday that got canceled without anyone telling me. I slept in this morning (no meetings) and feel rejuvenated.

Ran to Costco because disk 2 of my LOST season 3 dvd set wouldn't play and poured over the book tables. I didn't buy any, because I have enough to keep me busy, but I need to get my hubby a copy of Greenspan's book on Audible for sure. Almost nabbed that, then put it back.

Shipped a bunch of client work back via UPS, and ran to the library to return Holly Black and Stephenie Meyer's books. I'm finishing Ken Follett and ready for book 2, and that might have been my downfall at Costco. Should have picked up his sequel. Darn.

Today is day job and massive focus because deadline is Friday, then I'll attack a quick batch for another client, start in on the World Bank copyedit I've got on deck for next week, and attempt to get another author to make up her mind about italics, which is driving me bonkers. And the revision continues. At this rate, the book goes January 22. I was going to send it yesterday, but Jen talked me out of that. Encouraged me to really give it some thought and attempt to clean it up as best I can. The editor I chose "knows" industry people. I'd rather not embarrass myself more than I need to. (I'm sure I'll be plenty embarrassed, mind you, but I can clean up the lazy writing--the ings, the lys, the roareds, laugheds, and crieds dialogue tags, and make sure the character's name is still Jim by the end of the book). You know, the edity stuff. I can do that.

What I'm hiring the editor for is to tell me in the broad scope of things how to introduce more conflict, how to make it flow smooth, how to not wear out the reader by page 5, that sort of thing. Basically, she'll be another brain with mine on the presentation. It's almost too good to be true. I'm so excited!

Had disturbing dreams last night, just remembered them. Time for breakfast.

Currently reading: The Year of Magical Thinking (Joan Didion)
Currently listening to: Jordin Sparks from American Idol (pretty good)

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE the picture on your blog. It was almost as nice as actually being there.

Have a great day!
your sis...