Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday Fiver

1. I have been wiped out this week. Seriously, just wiped out. Musta been the 51,425 words I wrote in 9 days, the long weekend with family, and then home to meet multiple very tight deadlines (still ongoing). I crashed yesterday afternoon after helping a client with a very late edit. I feel somewhat normal today.

2. I have to pick up a Christmas tree this next week. Not live, but not a huge fake one either. Anyone seen those that are already in a pot or urn, for decorative purposes? That's what I want. Mom says Walmart, so I guess I have to go IN that store now.

3. Picked up a pile of books from the library and started in. Wish I could do just read (what I want) for a solid month.

4. Hubby's Christmas present arrived and it's very solid (a new black, steel, and glass office desk) so we barely got it upstairs. He's thrilled. I am figuring out my new digicam (Canon Powershot).

5. As November closes, I am so thankful for all that was accomplished this month. Amazing! I am not ready to rest quite yet. Really, after yesterday's rest, I'm ready to go again.


Currently reading: Thwonk (Joan Bauer)
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Mika said...

An alternative to a live or artificial tree would be to get a potted rosemary tree. It's on the small side (fits on a table). I've seen them at Whole Foods and other fancier grocery stores. It could be decorated with very lightweight ornaments such as paper ornaments or garlands/ribbons.

Trish said...

Thanks, Mika! I think the ornaments I already bought might be too heavy, but this is really a great idea. I will definitely think about this one for future years. It would be really cute too. We usually decorate our ficus tree, but the weight of my new ornaments prevented that this year.

Happy holidays!