Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Winding Down Nanowrimo

For those who are still writing (and I know many of you are) on Nanowrimo this year, a few great ideas that I used this year.

1. Write a straight draft with minimal description and for details you're not sure of, just put TK (to come).

2. Don't reread what you just wrote. Just keep moving forward. Don't print the pages, don't scan back on the computer screen; just go forward.

3. Give yourself an hour or two of time and crank the music that puts you in the mood.

4. Let some things go. Work, dishes, laundry, social commitments, just let 'em go for this week. You'll be back to normal next week.

5. When you're not writing, pamper yourself, and let your mind wander. This fills up your imagination for the next writing appointment.

Go for it! Just four days left and you can do it!

Playing on the iPod: Christmas music (assorted)

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