Monday, December 03, 2007

Monday Rec

Okay, so who played all weekend with this new web site that tracks all your money for you?

Yup, me.

It's free, it's endorsed by a NYT writer, and it is really cool:
Mint: Refreshing Money Management.

See if it refreshes you!

In writing/revision/reading news, I'm not moving much. I'm working really hard to wrap up freelance projects, keep up with work style changes and editing, and keep this house clean, and decorate for Christmas. (all done successfully)

The writing/revision/reading is just really slow. I got through one of my 26 books last week and sat up last night to read part of a revision book before succumbing to Cheesecake Factory-induced sleep.

The Christmas tree is up though, a small four-foot fake in a pretty urn from Home Depot brought to me by hubby, decorated in silver, white, and antique brown patina ornaments, the Christmas gifts are all bought and wrapped and delivered or under the tree, and the Christmas music is cranked.

This week, I'm plotting out the Christmas baking schedule and getting my Christmas vacation time in to my boss.

So last week's list (see here) is the same, except for 1, 5, and 10 are now:

1. Feeding frenzy two weeks (December 18) starts today and new style guides and updates must be posted to intranet ASAP. Finish the quick-find guide to AMA and insert into style guide by end of the year. Feedback from client Excel updates by the 15th.

5. Prep for Christmas parties (Dec 8, Dec 24 & 25) by baking a to-be-determined list of goodies.

10. Finish the medical/life/disability insurance paperwork (now that my medical records are finally complete) and send to HR.

Number 10 should actually be number one, but I'll just get to it this week for sure.

Currently Reading: Backwater (Joan Bauer
Currently Playing: The Promise (Michael W. Smith)

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