Monday, July 09, 2007

Fun Birthday Weekend

It was birthday weekend over here. Todd's was Saturday, and a friend's was Sunday. We spent most of the day on Saturday out and about: stopping at Home Depot for Todd's present, eating out for his birthday lunch/dinner, and than spending the rest of the day in the theater to see Ratatouille and Transformers, both of which were pretty good. Todd was delighted, even through his terrible allergies this year, and all in all it was a great day.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day wrestling down 24 pages of references for a project for work. The job stuff ebbs and flows for sure and I intend to make sure that everything gets done on time and well, instead of just simply clocking my hours. So I worked yesterday. It wasn't bad. I had a icy Coke, Todd was home (sleeping because of all his allergy meds he took), and it was a beautiful day with a breeze blowing in the windows. Love days like that.

So, my two writing assignments are here and fantastic fun. I cannot wait to work on these. I am finishing up a freelance editing project all week in the evenings and once it's out of here, another project shows up. :)

I read a lot in the past week, finishing about three books. I am deep into three more and hope to finish those this week. It's all research, yes.

We've got three weeks to go until we know for sure about Texas. I'm excited and completely freaked out of my mind.

Keep writing!

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