Thursday, July 12, 2007

Still Overly Warm

Harry Potter 5 was fantastic. Probably my favorite so far. Harry has humility! He finally realizes his destiny and it scares the crap outta him.

Welcome to life.

A must-see movie this summer, even if you have to go rent the first four and watch them quickly to see it on the big screen. Fantastic. To see the Ministry of Magic come to life and how they handled Professor Umbridge. Great job, fantastic job, kudos to all who made that movie.

Okay, to the writing: Back in the saddle again. I definitely missed it these past five days. I start to wilt without my writing. I am working on my articles, accepting some editing work from my favorite clients, and finished Francine Prose's excellent book "Reading Like A Writer" (her chapter on Chekhov alone made buying the book worthwhile).

Finishing up the other big project today (the glossary has a hang-up and will have to be next week), meeting with a new client at Kent Station, and reading and writing!

Keep Moving Forward

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