Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Amazon versus Library

In light of our impending move, I've been working really hard to not buy books (our shelves are burgeoning already and groaning from the triple shelving system I've implemented to keep books off the floors) and because have a King County library card, why not? Thus, my dilemma has been how to make sure I can remember books from Amazon while on my library web site adding books to my wish list.

Jon Udell's handy Library BookMarklet saved the day (from 43 Folders; see blogroll) and my sanity.

With this simple plug-in for Firefox (IE is possible, but is a tad bit more complicated), you can quickly search Amazon for books you are interested in, and then once on the Amazon page of the book you want (ISBN must be in the url), the Library bookmarklet captures the URL and plugs it in your library search page, basically making cut and paste unnecessary. And for me, this technology helps make my library wish list grow much faster, plus, since we're taxpayers of King County, the books are free! (Luckily, King County is a large library system and the books that are available number into infinity; all right, so maybe not.)

Also, if you are ever in downtown Seattle, just go inside and visit the Rem Koolhaas-designed Seattle library. It will blow your mind.)

Seattle Public Library

So kudos to Jon Udell.
Library Bookmarklet screencast
Library Bookmarklet Generator

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