Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Carry On, Mr. Bowditch

You know how you get super tired sometimes. That's me. I can't figure out why either. So I am talking to myself this morning "c'mon, keep it moving, carry on, let's go" and the title of that wonderful book popped into my head. I need to read it again.

It's psuedo-Monday. Hubby went back to work after a 10-day vacation and he couldn't find his Blackberry anywhere. But last term of school is finally over and the new term (summer term) starts up now. I stood out at our annual Memorial day cookout and talked about the stresses of going to school while working full-time with a college professor. I got some great advice on my impending return to school. I think I'll take it to heart. The professor friend was really encouraging to me, especially about my accelerated bachelor's degree studies, (basically shrinking what's left into the next 12 months and coming in under 5k). Yes, it HAS been done and with all my life experience, should be no problem for me, so now I have to actually study. This summer is the first battery of tests that I can do before I even pick a college (although I have picked a college) and I'll be doing half of it with Todd. He's going to get college credit from some testing too.

I should be farther in my study book, but I'll get there.

In writing news, I'm now a member of WritersView and WVU's Persist and Publish critique group. I'm very excited about both and ready to jump in! I am using Julie Hood's Organized Writer book to plan my very altered business. I also have cleared the way for more writing to happen beginning this Friday, June 1.

WIP status is still waiting on me, but that changes today.

Keep moving forward!

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