Friday, June 01, 2007

Friday Fiver.

1. Off for a walk-talk with my favorite neighbor. We talk as fast as we walk and since we're both C.S. Lewis fans, today we'll talk about Mere Christianity and the opening of the Kilns, Lewis' home, in Oxford. Note of interest: Our pastor, Earl Palmer, is a C.S. Lewis scholar and recently was in Oxford for the dedication. Lewis' study in his home was dedicated to Pastor Earl as a gift from our church for his 50 years of ministry at University Presbyterian Church. A few of Earl's books (he has written several) are now on the study's shelves. I would have loved to be there with them all. But I will be in a few months. I think we'll head to Oxford instead of Cambridge to see the Kilns.

2. I am turning in my W-4 form today. Today is my last official day of fulltime freelancing. I'm not done with anything I thought I'd be done with, but this is a day to commemorate.

3. is not the company that has the roaming gnome, ya'll. That's the other guys. I think we should think up a roaming mascot for Expedia, eh?

4. Did not buy any books this week (if we move, I must stop my usual plethora of book deliveries). Trying to spend all my gift cards and gift certificates though, still have quite a few from Banana Republic and Nordstrom. Argh.

5. If you do not use, you are crazy. It will change your life. How long has it been since I heard Delirious singing Deeper. Or Seal. Good memories.

A life of faith requires a continual renewal of faith. I want to say to all of those reading today who have heavy hearts and BIG issues in their lives (health of their unborn baby, job changes, home building stress), do not fear, God walks with you. No matter what you believe, just know He is there.

Keep moving forward.

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Anonymous said...

Yay! Last day of work. So proud of you girlie on your new job~ Love ya!

Daphers and Co.