Friday, May 25, 2007

The Greatest Thing in Life

I have a whole beautiful batch of pictures Todd took yesterday at Rainier National Park. What an amazing mountain. We even spotted climbers headed to Camp Muir from the lookout.

All the snow melt yesterday had the waterfalls in the streams running full! It is my favorite part of spring in the mountains. The roar of water as it thunders down from glacier ice packs. And it's clear blue water. I could even see the very old water in the glaciers glinting blue in the sun way up toward the summit. Incredible.

It was a very nice day of vacation. We drove everywhere we could in the park and then got out and hiked a bit. So much flooding damage that we couldn't go past Paradise, but we'll be back after the snow melts and they can see the total damage that happened last winter. And after the roads are repaired and reopened.

We live so close! We'll be back to hike and camp for sure.

It was a great day. Today, back to work and then tonight is Pirates 3! I can't wait.

Keep moving forward.

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