Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hiding From the Raccoon.

So there's this rather large raccoon living in our backyard and because I opened the house up to get some cool air inside before the weather heats up, I can hear him rustling around in our back 40 (not acres, just feet, but a very woodsy 40 feet). I really don't want him wandering inside today. Hope he stays in the shade under the trees.

We got our passports yesterday (I know, how lazy are we?) and I put a rush on mine because I just know with all the people trying to get theirs before year end that I will be biting my nails with fear all summer.

I am writing essays in my free time. Very fun pursuit, helped by a great book, Oxford Guide to Writing, which I highly recommend. Decided this morning that I am thoroughly jealous of everyone going to BEA this year and I plan to be there next year . . . with bells on.

Not much else going on. Phone ringing, work to do, and here comes June!

Keep Moving Forward.

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