Monday, April 23, 2007

A New Day

After a long weekend of extreme illness, I'm back. Whew. I'm surprised I'm still here. I do have a doc visit follow-up today to make sure I'm a-ok, but I feel so much better. I had a sulfa drug reaction, high fever, full-body rash and hives, itching, delirium, swollen ears, noses, fingers. So strange. First time ever I've reacted to drugs like that.

Thus, not much done on the writing. Could barely focus on my hours of movies that hubby kept putting in the DVD player to keep me busy the past three days like the BBC Pride & Prejudice.

I don't remember much of anything either, I was boiling at such a high temp (101.4 most of the time). Love aloe with lidocaine. It's my new favorite thing. And water, blessed water. I love it!

Thus, today is going to be spent putting things back together again and getting caught up with my clients. The writing work will commence this evening.

I have to say, however, three days on the couch did wonders for me. I feel so invigorated! I definitely needed time off. Now to do the laundry and the dishes that stacked up while I was sick. :)

Keep Moving Forward!

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