Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Pouring On the Inside, Sunny On the Outside

The projects are flowing in this office, which is good and slightly terrifying. I keep getting an email with great offers for both writing and editing. It's kind of fun actually.

And outside the weather is warming up for sure. They predict Seattle will be back to "warm" by Friday at 67 and warmer on Saturday. But Friday marks the warmest day since last October for us Puget Sounders. Brrrr. We're ready.

Yesterday went and got mani/pedis with the sister-in-law. She being from Georgia knows how important pretty feet are, plus she broke one of her nails the other day. I skipped the mani, and was filled with high trepidation about the pedi. Not a fan of salon pedicures. Yes, I watched that horrible talk show about those women who scarred their legs for life from some mysterious bacteria. But everything looked okay, so I went ahead. Well, bad idea. My feet look great, but the pedicurist drew blood. I hate that. Two things in my life are sensitive: my toes and my teeth. Don't mess with either.

But I can't really complain about my little wound. Hubby came home from soccer with oozing strawberries on both his knees. He's so proud of those too, which is even more funny. My little wound looked like nothing in comparison as we were up pouring hydrogen peroxide on his wounds about midnight last night. Oh the fun of living with a soccer maniac.

Variety reports that Ben-Hur will be remade into a miniseries. We'll see if they can beat the unbeatable Charlton Heston.

This is a scary prospect.

And an interesting look at the Pulitzer winners announced yesterday by a fellow freelancer.

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